Hi, my name is Neishja! (ny-zsh-yuh) A junior Product Designer based in New York City

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My Customer Service Background Fuels User-Centric Designs

Bootcamps gave me foundational UX design knowledge, but my roles in customer service sharpened my problem-solving skills. My latest role in Customer Success taught me how to balance business goals while prioritizing customer needs, becoming a champion for their voices in the process. From resolving tricky customer issues to finding new ways to encourage customer engagement, I thrive on creative solutions. As a junior designer, I'm eager to channel my energy into crafting experiences that solve problems and delight users every step of the way.

While I look for my next design opportunity, I’ve been teaching myself to build websites in Webflow and honing my visual design skills through graphic design courses. In my down time, you can find me exploring new cities, getting dirty in a garden, or enjoying endless cuddles with my sweet orange cat, Oliver.